Best Education Narrative Series

  1. Somali Students in Minneapolis, Minneapolis Star Tribune, by Allie Shah, 6/25/00
  2. The Factory,” by Katherine Boo, The New Yorker, 11/18/04. On a charter school in Boston
  3. Series on No Child Left Behind through the experience of Rayola Carwell, by Stephanie Banchero, Chicago Tribune, 7/18/04
  4. Pulitzer Prize winning series called Against All Odds, on the experiences in DC schools by Ron Suskind, Wall Street Journal, 5/26/04. The series led to his book A Hope in the Unseen.
  5. Expectations,” by Katherine Boo, The New Yorker, January 15, 2007 about reform in Denver schools.
  6. For Girls, It’s Be Yourself and It’s Be Perfect, Too,” by Sara Rimer, New York Times, April 1, 2007 story on “the amazing girls” in a Newton public high school.
  7. This Strange Thing Called Prom,” by Brooke Hauser, NYT City Section, 2008
  8. Will Jonathan Graduate?” Two parts of a multi-part investigation into school reform in Washington, D.C., Washington Post, 2007
  9. Young & the Restless,” a story by Erin Einhorn tracking what happened to 23 Harlem kindergartners as adults. NY Daily News, January 2008
  10. Swamp Nurse” by Kate Boo, New Yorker 2006. What’s the best hope for the first child of a poor mother?
  11. Five-Year-Olds at the Gate,” May, 2009, Jeff Coplon, NY Magazine
  12. Chicago Public Radio: “Fifty-Fifty: The odds of graduating,” one year at Robeson High, June 2009